Fast Internet Debunked

Most high-speed Internet providers don’t want you to know, but you’re not always getting the speed you’re paying for. What you're getting is the promise of speed up to that amount any given time. There is no guarantee at any point during your service that you will ever receive speeds that high.

This infographic from High Speed Experts shows just how much you can expect to get from the top high-speed Internet provider in the country. Broadband Internet
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No matter what service provider you’re using, you can see that most of the time you’re getting close to the speeds you’re paying for. If you didn’t, you’d likely notice the difference and they don’t want you calling to complain.

Another little secret high-speed Internet providers don't want you to know is that people who use their service too much may actually get their data speed throttled. This means if you’re if it is too heavy they will actually slow down your connection to their server so that you cannot use as much data as you normally would. Though most high-speed Internet providers do not advertise data caps, throttling occurs to prevent you from getting truly unlimited bandwidth usage.

If you suspect your Internet provider is providing services for less than what you're paying for, you may want to run a few tests to determine how fast your Internet moves that any given point. If your connection routinely is slower than what you’re paying for, contact the company and report your concerns. If it becomes continuous problem, you may want to consider changing to a different high-speed Internet provider in your area.


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