Collecting the Crazy

The internet is a wonderful place where crazy flourishes in the dark corners. Let's explore all the wild and wonderful nuttiness that would not exist if we were truly sane. Why not? You have something better to do?

Bigfoot Field Researchers

Some rumors are just too awesome to die, and big foot is never going to go away as long as there are people willing to devote their lives to finding him. Visit for the latest...or watch the tv show, because let's face it. We love crazy shit.

The Flat Earth Society

I don't know what they do, but the name is irresistible. They even have a gift shop where you can find tee shirts to proclaim your membership to silliness. Visit them here and be sure to listen to a podcast.

Our Hollow Earth

So if it's not flat, then perhaps it's hollow. Evidently, the lost tribes of Israel live in there. For 900 or so years. With flying saucers. Check it out here:

This blogger is so rightwing, he makes Pat Boone look like a tree-hugging leftie socialist. Conservative doesn't really begin to cover him. is where I first discovered that people think FEMA has death camps and stocks up on coffins. He seems to think Sarah Palin will be on the new nickels. I think not, but it's still chaotically, insanely entertaining.

Masons, Moon Landings and Magic Mushrooms is a blog by a yoiung man who fancies himself a great thinker. He debunks the world's great mysteries and exposing the conspiracies behind everything, like how the Masons have secret handshakes and control everything, and how the moon landing was faked. (find the moon landing page here --it's very entertaining.)

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead was a cult classic from episode one possibly due to awesomely splattery gore-fests, conflict between virtually every character, the surprising depth of characters who should be unlikeable, and the complexity of life in a dead zone. But fans can get their real geek on at, where there's all kinds of interactive features and stuff to discover. It's a place to indulge the dark shadows of your imagination.

Dark Shadows

This page could hardly be complete without a mention of the darkest moment in television history. It's not the bloodiest show, but it is without a doubt the cheesiest show ever filmed. A slightly raunchy vampire soap opera that, in retrospect, is downright embarrassing. Yes. I was a fan of this unwatcheable trainwreck. In my defense, there wasn't much competition. We had three channels on a good day and the best entertainment you could hope for was HeeHaw. You can watch it in all its sexalicious bloodsucking glory on


Dark Shadows

Did Obama Fake the Moon Landing?


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